Publish: July 14, 17

The promise of Fino de Aroma value

CasaLuker bears in mind a number of factors when making its chocolate; among them, the work carried out by the cocoa farmers. It is based on their work that we can guarantee the traceability of our chocolates from the moment in which they deliver their origin cocoa to us to our transformation of it in our chocolate factory.

We work hand-in-hand with the farmers to produce the best Cacao Fino de Aroma guaranteeing that our promise of value is always kept. To do this, we rely on a number of traceability procedures that provide us information about the history and origin of all the beans we buy, as well as their trajectory from our satellite warehouses to the production plant. By doing this, we can ensure that our clients’ quality requirements are met.

We identify the raw material (cocoa) that enters the company through the minimum traceable unit: “cocoa plot per origin”. Using records and SAP systems, we can rapidly access information regarding each plot and as such correctly trace any final product.

As part of this quality control procedure, we use a hygrometer to test the moisture of the beans following a standard maximum moisture level of 7,7% in order to validate whether the drying processes implemented by the farmer followed the established time (approximately six days) guaranteeing top-quality cocoa.Following the moisture test, at least 100 beans are subjected to a cutting test to identify whether their level of fermentation is adequate for a unique sensorial profile like the one attributed to our CasaLuker Cacao Fino de Aroma chocolate couvertures.

Thanks to this adequate traceability and rigorous selection of ingredients, we can continue to stress our commitment to becoming a tree-to-chocolate international leader for the world.

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