Publish: March 31, 17

Meet our new Fino de Aroma Master Chocolatier: Christian Martinez

“Experience is in your head and creativity in your heart”

Christian Martinez

We would like to welcome our new highly qualified and talented Fino de Aroma Master Chocolatier Christian Martinez, with his unlimited passion for the world of chocolate and pastry making.

Christian Martinez is an active member of the Mexican pastry-making team with a degree in Gastronomy from the Cesar Ritz College. He has also taken part in several national and international contests such as the Gelato World Cup 2012, the World Chocolate Master 2010 and 2012, and the Olmeca Contest of Ice Sculptures, – Abastur, where he won important prizes, a silver medal, and a gold medal respectively. He is also a guest instructor in several culinary arts schools in Mexico and director of the Cocina Más Arte programme at the Tuxtla Culinary School. Christian combines his knowledge and experience in each of his recipes. We are proud to have him on our team.

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