Publish: September 6, 17

Magic Realism

Our senses connect us to our world, but can a flavour take us back to the times of our ancestors? During the Mayan empire chocolate was made literally with money. It was made with the same cocoa beans that society used to purchase and trade. Every time they made their cherished chocolate drink, they were making it with actual money. More magical realism than that is hard to find and even harder to explain.

Chocolate and other traditional ingredients of Colombia are the basis for products that CasaLuker is creating in an attempt to explain the unexplainable. Can anyone give meaning to what seems magic and unreal but that is something lived in a daily basis by thousands of human beings? Not all of us can live long periods of time in Colombia´s magical places, but we can use our senses to come close to this world of dreams and fantasy that is actually, well, real.

CasaLuker will create chocolate products for making ice cream with the flavours of this fantastic world. It will recreate the sounds, the colors, the feelings that this exotic and exiting land has to offer to anyone that comes to live or visit it. It will give you the pleasure of tasting what cannot be described but can only be experienced. Its fruits, its weather, its past, and among all these experiences the best one of them all will touch you with its uniqueness and emotions, its people and their stories. How can all this be true? It can´t, it’s not true, yet it´s real. It is Magic reality.


Ardiente de Trapiche


Arauca Passion


White Paradise


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