Publish: February 15, 18

Fino de Aroma Mysteries: Why do we give chocolates as a gift?

An exchange of chocolates between two people has always been a romantic gesture. Since ancient times, giving cocoa to another person has been a way of showing affection, and at the same time it reveals good taste and discernment in the selection of an exquisite gift. Centuries have passed and even to these days, generation after generation, chocolate is still a gift that evokes the spirit of romance. A box of chocolates is enough to make an irrefutable statement about the deepest feelings of love and intimacy from the giver to the given. But what is so special about it? Why do we feel this strong emotional connection with its flavour? According to Diego Cortés, Specialist of CasaLuker R&D Team, it seems that the answer is hidden inside of the biochemical mysteries of our minds:

“Chocolate makes us feel happy and peaceful…this happens because chocolate has chemical properties that awaken those positive sensations in our body. Cocoa contains phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates our brain and produces these emotions. The amazing thing is that each one of those sensations that you feel when you eat chocolate is a biochemical reaction, and those reactions are the same ones that you have when you like someone. So, when we give chocolates to another person that we feel attracted to, we know that we will actually generate those same feelings of attraction or pleasure in the other person. Chocolate becomes a way of connecting emotionally and generating intimacy, it is a tool to approach someone, and that is why it is so special”.

Diego Cortés, Specialist of CasaLuker R&D Team

Diego tells us that when we are in love or feel attracted to another person, and have this butterfly in our belly feeling, those emotions also have a biochemical explanation. Our brain orders the heart to intensify its speed, so blood is pumped to out brain in bigger quantities, and the muscles of the digestive system contracts. Well, those exact same body responses are present when we eat chocolate, this is because of those similar feelings between being in love and eating chocolate, that we feel as positive the cocoa flavour in our brain, and keep it in a very special place of our heart.

Diego Cortés, Specialist of CasaLuker R&D Team

It seems that the history of chocolate and its relationship with love goes far beyond a simple tradition or the science behind the processes that cocoa has in our body. Giving chocolates is transporting that special person to a universe of sensations and unknown places. For us, Cacao Fino de Aroma is about celebrating the emotional connections we have with others and for these matters we recommend the Single Origin Chocolates of our line CasaLuker 1906. Through its flavour we tell the story of different Colombian regions, with just one bite you can connect with the origin, the land, the climate and the culture of a specific place in Colombia.

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