Publish: May 8, 17


Our British client Choc Affair has been using Huila 65% chocolate, one of its favourites, for the past few years. This is why they decided to support the region.

In 2014, the company donated a plot of land on which the ASOPECA Association in Huila built its new headquarters. This year they wanted to support the children of the farmers belonging to the APROCALG and ASOPROCAR associations, located near Neiva, the capital of Huila, by donating 45 school-kits.

Each group of children and parents were invited to a short presentation about CasaLuker and Choc Affair, after which the school-kits were given out and each of the children painted a picture to thank the whole Choc Affair team.

We are thankful for Choc Affair’s generous support of the region!


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