Publish: May 8, 14

Cacao Fino de Aroma will reinforce Colombia’s positive image abroad

In 2013, Colombia exported approximately 24,330 tons of cocoa and derived products, for a value of 96 millions of dollars.

Colombia is one of the few countries in the world producing Fino de Aroma Cocoa.

CasaLuker sells in Colombia around 24,500 tons of table chocolate per year.

CasaLuker, one of the companies with the longest tradition in Colombia, and Marca País have signed a collaboration agreement to highlight the best of the nation through the presence and export of Colombian cocoa and its derived products on the international market.

Marca País is a public-private partnership which endeavours to improve the image of Colombia abroad substantially in key areas such as tourism, culture, investments and exports.

The purpose of the agreement is to promote Colombia as a producer of one of the best cocoas in the world, the Fino de Aroma, 76 % of which comes from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. It also intends to promote the enormous diversity and cultural wealth of the country, which make Colombia the answer when it comes to tourism and foreign investment.

To that end, CasaLuker will carry the Colombia brand throughout its presentations and events, such as the Europain Show in France, Sial Montreal in Canada, SeoulFood in Korea, World Food Moscow in Russia, among others.

“One of the strategies which has given us the best results to carry the message to the world that Colombia is the Answer, is through the country’s traditional businesses. CasaLuker represents this Colombian entrepreneurship, and its international projection is an opportunity to give the world a better understanding of our country’s assets. That is the reason why we celebrate this alliance”, said José Pablo Arango, General Director of Marca País Colombia.

Colombian cocoa and its derived products, the third largest food export of the country after coffee and bananas, goes mainly to countries such as Ecuador, the USA, Mexico, South Africa and Venezuela. In Colombia, the cocoa and derived products industry moved around 96 million dollars in exports in 2013, or the equivalent of 24,300 tons for the year, 31 % of which were exported by CasaLuker.

As an expert in the production and marketing of products derived from the Fino de Aroma cocoa, CasaLuker is committed to grow its production and sales. One of the projects of Luker which is best known internationally, since they are so few projects of this type in the world, is Granja Luker, created over 50 years ago to study, develop and protect cocoa. Over time, the Center has trained over 40,000 farmers, agronomists and technician in agricultural skills. One of the main achievements of the project to date is its high agronomical efficiency agri-forest system, a sustainable and profitable system of woods, banana and Fino de aroma cocoa.

“The producing areas of Colombia hold a geographically privileged position to grow Fino de Aroma Cocoa. The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) recognizes Colombia as an exporter of 100% Cacao Fino de Aroma, described as a cocoa of exquisite aroma and flavour. We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to carry, along with Marca País, the message to the entire world: Colombia is the answer in cocoa, tourism, investment and much more”, said Francisco Gómez, Director of International Trade at CasaLuker.

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