Publish: March 24, 17

A Fino de Aroma 360° experience at ISM

In January, CasaLuker took part in ISM, the world’s number one confectionary and snacks fair that took place in Cologne, Germany. The 200 people that visited our stand discovered and interacted with CasaLuker Cacao Fino de aroma.

We presented the Granja Luker 360° experience, helping to bring our visitors closer to the world of cocoa through a virtual reality experience. Virtual reality 360°is a revolutionary concept that is undoubtedly different to anything we have seen to date. The Granja Luker 360° experience immersed the viewers into our cacao research centre, allowing them to understand the processes of cacao fermentation and drying, harvest and hand pollination, among others.

We are very grateful to all those that were part of this unforgettable experience.

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