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Cacao Fino
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Fruity and flowery aromas and flavour with nutty malt notes. This is the characteristic flavour of Cacao Fino de Aroma that distinguishes it from other cocoas in the world.

The Fino de Aroma denomination is an International Cocoa Organization (ICCO)* classification, which describes an exquisite aroma and flavour. Around 8% of the cocoa produced in the world is Cacao Fino de Aroma. 76% of Cacao Fino de Aroma produced in the world is grown in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru.

We buy approximately 38% of the Colombian total cocoa production – 1600 tons per month on average –

Criollos y Trinitarios

Cacao Fino de Aroma comes from criollo and trinitarian varieties, which are different, in aroma and flavour, from common cocoas which derive from forastero varieties.

Trinitarian cocoas -highly sought after around the world- are Fino de Aroma, aromatic and mild in flavour. The trinitario variety is the result of cross between the criollo and forastero varieties and is produced mainly in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Forastero cocoa is the most common in the world; it is resitant to climate changes and has an acidic astringent flavour. It is the main variety grown in Africa.

Types of Cacao

From cocoa
to chocolate

The aroma

and flavour
of chocolate

The special aroma and flavour of cocoa do not only stem from the type of cocoa -forastero, trinitarian or criollo- but also from soil composition, climatic conditions, and primarily, the work of the cocoa artisan – the cocoa grower.

The four fundamental factors that ensure the special chocolate aroma and flavour are fermentation, drying, roasting and conching. Fermentation and drying are undertaken by farmers on the farms; and - the final touch that defines the organoleptic profile of each product - roasting and conching, take place in the production plant.

Thanks to its close relationship with the cocoa growers and its training programs, CasaLuker is able to control these factors, offering its customers the best flavour.

CasaLuker Research

CasaLuker together with Cenicafé* -one of the most important coffee research institutes in the world- began a classification process for cocoa originate from the principal cocoa producing areas of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and other cocoa producing regions in the world.

In this study we researched the sensorial characteristics of each type of cocoas, including the identification and quantification of the volatile aroma compounds as well as other physical, chemical, nutritional and functional characteristics that allowed us to define the individuality of each.

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