Publish: July 14, 17


Colombian chef, Santiago Torrijos trained in the École Hôtelière Jean Drouant and the École Professionnelle Lenôtre de París. After having worked in exceptional restaurants such as the Robuchon in Westminister, London; Hôtel Plaza Athénée; and Le 68 Guy Martin, he has decided to open his own restaurant, l’Atelier Rodier in Paris.

“In my restaurant, I include chocolate in some of the savoury dishes. I call my traditional soufflé Colombian chocolate soufflé because it is made using the French technique but with Colombian CasaLuker chocolate”.

Santiago Torrijos

“I love to tell my customers that the chocolate they eat in my restaurant is Colombian and that there is a group of farmers in charge of cultivating cocoa; they care for it, they prune it, they process it, and then it is packed for export around the world. People are surprised when I tell them the story behind chocolate, it changes their views; it’s all about communication. I have been living in France for twenty-four years now, but I am Colombian through and through, so I am proud of this product and I want to continue to tell this story. I know that people value the product much more when they know about the journey that has brought it to their plate. The world of cookery brings together many stories, and for me this is a passionate and unique topic.” Santiago Torrijos

We welcome the Chef Santiago Torrijos, who is joining our team in order to continue to spread our best product around the world!

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