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Luker 1906 – Single Origin Chocolate

Quite often experts on wine, coffee, and even textiles comment on regions, and particular characteristics of different products depending on the region it comes from.

Wine connoisseurs proclaim about particular wineries, different type of grapes, etc. Even today, coffee is categorized by its origin and the coffee beans from different regions. For example, there’s coffee from Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, amongst others. This interest in different flavours and characteristics coming from specific regions has developed during the last decade, and has now migrated to chocolate with a peculiar concept, Single Origin Chocolate.

Since chocolate has varied tastes, and such tastes depend upon where it’s grown, the concept of Single Origin Chocolate has gained popularity, and now, customers and clients can even trace a specific Single Origin Chocolate product to its roots and determine where it comes from and the specific notes and tones it presents.

Santander, Huila, Tumaco and Arauca are four Colombian origin chocolates from the Luker 1906 product range of the company CasaLuker, each with a specific flavour that reflects the country’s geographic and cultural diversity.

Santander cocoa is cultivated in the Andes mountain range and the cocoa that’s developed in this region has a delicate aroma, with sweet and acid notes. It is known for its exotic combination of fruity, herbal and spicy flavours that complement the intensity of the cocoa.

Tumaco, in the tropical forests of the Pacific Coast, is known for its delightfully balanced flavour with subtle fruity and floral notes, with defined cocoa notes, and a hint of acidity. Experts define Tumaco’s cocoa as a chocolate with exquisite character with a defined aroma and taste, typical of Colombian cocoa, that gives the ultimate expression in Extra Dark Chocolates.

Huila variety is a typical cocoa from the southwest region’s deep valleys of Colombia. This is an exotic type of chocolate, with a mild aroma and fruity flavour. It has the strength of an extra-dark chocolate, and the mildness of a semi-sweet cocoa, resulting in a sensorial balance that evokes the essence of this warm region.

In Arauca, cocoa grows in wild landscapes, between the snow-capped mountains and valleys of the Orinoco in this diverse region. This cocoa brings together a variety of flavours that represent the essence of Fino de Aroma cocoas: a predominant acidity, and an exotic flavour of red berries, honey, jasmine, and spices. Its citric acidity and the delicate cocoa tones are perfect for those looking for a sensorial experience of a cocoa with a Trinitarian and Fine Flavour profile.

Luker 1906 Single Origin Chocolate brings the inimitable flavour of the land that it grows in, giving each chocolate a unique balance that reflects the characteristics of the diverse Colombian regions.

It is simply a delight for the senses!

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