Publish: September 1, 17

Gelato recipes made with true and natural cocoa bean ingredients

Ice cream’s origins are known to reach back as far as the second century B.C. in China and Persia. Making ice cream included a trip to the mountains to gather the snow needed to create it. From the Orient, it was taken to Europe via Italy by Marco Polo, so reads the story.

When the Spaniards conquered America; they adopted the very valuable Mayan cocoa. When they took the drink back to Europe they added it to ice cream and created the famous chocolate flavored ice cream.

Since the year 1800 to the present, chocolate ice cream is one of the simplest but most desired flavour that you can make. Traditionally, chocolate ice cream has been made by blending chocolate powder along with the other ingredients to give it its particular and exiting flavour and color.

CasaLuker is now going back to the basics; it is introducing its original chocolate ice-cream recipes made with true and natural cocoa bean ingredients. Using the original cocoa beans to produce chocolate ice cream, takes us back to the times when the first creators fell for this unique exotic flavour that the Mayans experienced with their fine cocoa.

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